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FLX Solutions Named A Winner In The U.S. Department Of Energy E-ROBOT Phase 2 Grand Prize!

Bethlehem, PA: On Thursday April 7th, 2022 The U.S. Department of Energy named Unified Retrofits (formerly Team F.G.S) a winner in the final phase of The American-Made Buildings Prize (E-ROBOT). The award recognizes the improved modeling and planning software coupled with an innovative robotic platform, the FLX BOT, allowing for minimally invasive and cost effective retrofits across all types of existing buildings.

FLX Solutions and partners Gensler, Lamarr.AI, and Skyline Capital Builders are one of three winners in the $2 Million US Department of Energy E-ROBOT Prize! Our team, Unified Retrofits, has been working on this since the Fall of 2020 and the $666K Phase 2 award builds upon our $200K Phase 1 that was awarded in the Summer of 2021.

Check out our 3 minute overview video detailing how the FLX BOT and the rest of the Unified Retrofits process are working to address issues of sensing, mapping, and retrofitting existing structures.



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