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FLX BOT is Innovating The Way We Inspect

Our innovative FLX BOT, with its patented design, and interchangeable links, allows for variable configurations to perform in any different use cases when it comes to inspecting. The FLX BOT is only 1 inch in diameter, allowing it to reach into previously inaccessible areas. It’s also light weight, so you can attach it to an extension pole and reach areas at heigh with the need for a ladder.

Each FLX BOT link has integrated lights and a camera, allowing for visual inspections and 3D mapping, with textures, to be used on site or archived to a remote computer. This not only allows for instant onsite inspections to previously difficult or dangerous to reach areas, but also long term analysis and comparison to see deterioration or any changes over time. 


Most Industries That Require Inspection Can Benefit from a FLX BOT

FLX BOT can be used to inspect inside structural bridge girders, traversing the entire span.

Elevator Inspection Example

Routine elevator inspections of door sensors and maintenance can be performed with minimal disruption.

FLXBOT Sample0183.png

Inspect underground utility vaults without the need to ventilate, drain excess water runoff, or enter a confined space.

Perform Inspections From The Safety of the Ground
FLX BOT Can Safely Navigate & Inspect Difficult to Reach Areas
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