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FLX BOT is Innovating In The Construction Market

The FLX BOTs unique ability to navigate into small spaces makes it an ideal solution for inspecting and retrofitting buildings both old and new. Our initial release of the FLX BOT is a co-robotic platform, enabling any user to easily inspect, act, or react react to the environment. And that's just the beginning.


With future software updates, and the additional of our modular LNX system, the FLX BOT will be able to navigate autonomously inside walls. Coupled with one of our innovative end effectors, and the FLX BOT can drill a hole in a typical stud without any loss of the structures integrity as it's only 1" in diameter. It can traverse into the adjoining wall sections to inspect, pull new telecom cables, remediate the buildings envelope, or whatever you need to accomplish without interrupting the building occupants, and from the safety of the ground. 

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