The Future of Robotics is



Patented design with uniform, interchangeable links


Introducing The FLX BOT

The smallest, most customizable, most affordable snake-like robot in the world.



Patented design with uniform, interchangeable links


1" diameter is 3x - 5x smaller than any other on the market


On-board cameras and sensors to map and autonomously navigate

Flexible End Effectors

Connect a variety of interchangeable heads



Configured using 3 to 11+ individual links. These flexible configurations create variable use cases for different functions and customer markets.


Size matters. At 1" in diameter, The FLX BOT can enter enclosed, difficult to navigate spaces that conventional solutions and the much larger snake-like robots in the market cannot.


 End effectors can be easily swapped out depending on need. Examples include drill, gripper, lubricant sprayer, advanced camera, vacuum, soldering iron and many more.


Link uniformity greatly reduces production time and cost which results in a customer price that is an order of magnitude less than other robots on the market today.


Cameras power 3D mapping, which when paired with our software operating system, allow for learning, optimization, and repeating movements without an operator.


The FLX BOT links feature our patented ability to extend +  rotate a single joint, expand + brace against walls, and to climb in all 3 dimensions.

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The FLX Solutions Team

​The team at FLX Solutions is passionate about solving real world problems with cutting edge robotics at a price that every customer can afford.

Matt Bilsky, PhD, PE

Founder + CEO

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Inventor of the FLX BOT. Licensed Professional Engineer, former mechanical engineering professor and contractor. 2017 Lehigh University Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year.


Jason Glickman

Head of Strategy

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Co-founder of Telaria (rebranded Magnite, NASDAQ: MGNI) where he raised more than $100MM in venture capital and led the company as CEO and then Chairman from inception to IPO.

Jill Berman

Director of Operations

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Operations and client services leader with a 20+ year track record in early and late stage startups. Tenures at Sun Microsystems (exit: Oracle), Informix (exit: IBM), and Ooyala (exit: Telstra).

Marc de Vinck

Head of Product

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Founder of Unexpected Labs, Co-Creator of the Master of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program at Lehigh University, and former Director of Product Development at MAKE.


Stephen Brawner, PhD, PE

Chief Roboticist

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With tenures at iRobot and Willow Garage, Stephen is a roboticicst with a focus in research, autonomous behavior development, and AI and machine-learning facilitated software engineering.

Scott Caruso


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Entrepreneur. Innovator. Educator. Currently serving as Director of Strategic Ventures at CableLabs focused on R&D, product development and business creation.


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